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ENCAT: Type 2 Pedestrian Fence installed on a verge with trees in Rozelle

ENCAT RMS Type 2 Pedestrian Fence installed on a verge in Rozelle NSWENCAT RMS Type 2 Pedestrian Fence installed on a verge in Rozelle NSW next to a speed hump
We supplied RMS Type 2 Pedestrian Fencing to the local council in Rozelle to use in this residential street & shopping area

"...because we manufacture our Pedestrian Fencing products in our factory in NSW we can customise production to suit any requirement. You deal directly with the people who are sourcing the materials, have designed the products & actually manufacture them."

"The buck stops with us, there are no middle-people to deal with. It means we can create exactly what you need whether your pedestrian fencing has to suit unusual verge or median shapes or other curb side obstacles like trees. That is the benefit you get from dealing with an Australian Pedestrian Fencing manufacturer"

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ENCAT was contracted to supply Type 2 Pedestrian Fencing in Rozelle that was to be installed on a residential street and a shopping area near a roundabout. What made this fencing project unique was the need to deal with the tree-lined verges on the residential street & the curved verges near the shopping area location. Using our design expertise we manufactured the Type 2 Pedestrian Fencing to cater to both requirements.

Type 2 Pedestrian Fencing for residential streets

The local Inner West Council wanted to improve safety levels for pedestrians in a residential and local shopping area in Rozelle. The street had housing on one side and high density apartment blocks on the other. The council had already taken steps that included;

– changing the speed limit on the street

– installing traffic calming speed humps

– widening the footpath in front of the high density housing block

So their next step was to install Type 2 Pedestrian Fencing to compliment the traffic calming installation in front of the existing residential houses. On this length of verge was an existing tree, so rather than removing it and reducing the amenity of the local area, we had to design the fencing to cover the gap either side of the tree.

RMS Type 2 Pedestrian Fencing for shopping areas

A few hundred meters up the street was a mixed use public area in Rozelle which including apartment living, retail shopping area and four-way intersection. In this are the council had already installed a traffic calming roundabout to help traffic flow freely & avoid the need for using traffic lights.

So it was decided to install Type 2 Pedestrian Fencing on the retail shopping are side of the intersection to keep the public safe from passing traffic. This would compliment the installation up the street in the residential housing area.

Our Pedestrian Fencing design had to accomodate the mixture of straight and curved verges on either side of the road as well as the sloping gradient of the footpath.

Pedestrian Fencing designs that can protect trees

ENCAT RMS Type 2 Pedestrian Fence installed on a verge in Rozelle NSW next to a tree

Using our in-house civil design capabilities we custom made the Pedestrian Fencing panels to suit being placed either side of the existing tree on the footpath. The placement of the posts and the panels either side would ensure pedestrians were still protected while giving the tree room to grow or move.

The modular design of the fencing panels also means that if the tree should become too large, the panels can be removed and adjusted in size later on. This means the council can very easily maintain the leafy nature of the street while keeping passers by safe. 

Does Pedestrian Fencing need to be in straight runs for a verge?

ENCAT RMS Type 2 Pedestrian Fence installed on a curved verge in Rozelle NSW shopping area and roundabout

The other benefit of using an Australian Pedestrian Fencing Manufacturer like ENCAT is you deal directly with the people managing the whole project from end to end. We control the materials, design and production process end to end. This means we can help you cater to any unusual applications whether that is a location, site topography or existing conditions.

In this project we had to ensure the fencing could cater to the curved verges, a slight slope and maintain their integrity. Extremely important considerations given the proximity of people shopping or walking past in this busy retail area.

Can Pedestrian Fencing be made to be decorative for retail areas?


Another unique benefit of using a local manufacturer like ENCAT is that we are a fencing supplier than can assist councils who are doing local area makeovers or refurbishments. We have designed our Decorative Pedestrian Fencing Panels with that idea in mind. 

Sitting over the existing fencing safety panels they provide visual interest to an area that can be combined with additional flora or other visual elements to improve the look and feel of a location.

Custom made Pedestrian Fencing installations

ENCAT regularly works with civil works contractors, local or state government departments to design, manufacture and install Pedestrian Fencing to suit unusual applications. We have been doing this since 1989

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John Ford

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You know, back in 1989, a new metal fabricator in NSW emerged – ENCAT. We craft a range of products that are focussed on safety. Specialising in Pedestrian Fencing, ENCAT ensures our roads aren’t just strips of tarmac, but lifelines where every step you take and every drive you make is cushioned with care. 

When you think roads, think safety. When you think safety, think ENCAT. Your life’s worth it.



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