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ENCAT: Pedestrian Fencing protecting people leaving Asquith Train Station

Pedestrian fencing installed at Asquith on Pacific Highway by ENCAT Australian RMS fencing manufacturer 6
We installed Pedestrian Fencing on the busy Pacific Highway to help protect people leaving or going to Asquith Train Station in NSW.

Pedestrian fencing near a train station & retail precinct

"So many people use public transport these days, especially with the increasing traffic congestion around Sydney. So the amount of people leaving train stations has increased greatly so it makes sense to keep them safe with pedestrian fencing."

"It is good to see local councils and Transport NSW being proactive at upgrading main roads like the Pacific Highway to channel people from a train station to the right crossing locations."

Hornsby Shire Council logo

ENCAT was chosen to supply pedestrian fencing to the local civil works company that won the contract to install new safety fencing for Hornsby Shire Council at this busy intersection on the Pacific Highway at Asquith. We manufactured and supplied new steel pedestrian fencing to current RMS specifications. The area chosen for this installation was along median strip that separated the retail shops precinct and the Asquith Train Station on the opposite side of the road.

While there are traffic lights installed at the intersection of Pacific Highway and Peats Ferry Road people were trying to cross the main road to either get to the shops, commuter car park or train station without using the designated crossings. The area has two main roads converging, a side street plus turning lanes which makes it a very complex area to deal with when it comes to pedestrian movements.

Hornsby Shire Council wanted to use pedestrian fencing to change the flow of people moving from the train station or the retail shops by preventing them from crossing the road directly. With up to six lanes of traffic or street side parking this could reduce the potential for someone to step out on the road and force them to use the traffic light crossing. 

Installing pedestrian fencing at night time on a main road

Pedestrian fencing installed at Asquith on Pacific Highway near traffic lights by ENCAT Australian RMS fencing manufacturer 1

The ENCAT team produced the required pedestrian fencing panels in our factory in NSW & arrived at the site at night time to begin the installation process on the median strip. Installing pedestrian fencing at night time can reduce the potential risk associated with dealing with day time traffic volumes while making it easier to work with heavy moving equipment. For this project it also meant we didn’t need to content with large volumes of people getting off the trains to go home.

This is an example of the service we can provide with our  RMS Pedestrian Fencing that we manufacture and supply in Australia to civil works contractors. We make sure every small detail is looked at, including the required safety needs to install them efficiently.

Why was pedestrian fencing needed in this location?

Pedestrian fencing installed at Asquith on Pacific Highway by ENCAT Australian RMS fencing manufacturer 9

Pedestrian fencing was required on this main road site because on one side there are lots of retail shops, bus stops and a Coles supermarket & on the other is a train station. It is a high traffic volume area for both motorists and pedestrians moving either side of the road. 

With up to three lanes of traffic flowing in each direction, The Pacific Highway is a good example of how important pedestrian fencing can be to when it comes to maximising safety. By putting this type of metal physical safety barrier on the median strip it will deter anyone from considering a direct crossing of this busy road. It will force pedestrians to use the purpose-built traffic light crossings.

What other options were available to the local council?

ENCAT Australian RMS Pedestrian Fencing supplier with decorative art panels applied that are suitable for median or verge installations

In a lot of cases installing pedestrian fencing for locations that have a retail shopping area, main road, train station and large parking areas is the simplest solution to control or try and manage the flow of people. Some situations might lend themselves to a pedestrian bridge being installed plus the fencing to create a more ideal flow for people when crossing the road.

The other thing that could have been installed for this project may have been installing our pedestrian fencing decorative panels. This could have given the retail shops a nice visual lift, very similar to what we helped Mascot Council achieve

Pedestrian fencing supplied for use in NSW Northern suburbs

ENCAT supplied a civil works contractor with our Australian made RMS compliant Pedestrian Fencing which was installed at this popular stretch of road on the Northern suburbs of NSW.

We supply all types of RMS Pedestrian Fencing safety barrier products.


Picture of John Ford
John Ford

Founder & Director of ENCAT Australia

You know, back in 1989, a new metal fabricator in NSW emerged – ENCAT. We craft a range of products that are focussed on safety. Specialising in Pedestrian Fencing, ENCAT ensures our roads aren’t just strips of tarmac, but lifelines where every step you take and every drive you make is cushioned with care. 

When you think roads, think safety. When you think safety, think ENCAT. Your life’s worth it.



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