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ENCAT: Pedestrian Fencing installed on gradients or curved verges

ENCAT Pedestrian Fencing for verges on gradients or curves or driveways for shopping centres
ENCAT can custom manufacture Pedestrian Fencing safety barrier production runs to suit gradients or curved verges for roads or driveways

Pedestrian Fencing for sites that are on a gradient.

At ENCAT we quite often help architects, designers, civil contruction contractors, councils, builders or even shopping centre owners to solve problems relating to pedestrian safety.

In some situations using standard Pedestrian Fencing panels isn’t possible because of how steep the existing site may be. The gradient of the land, be it a road, median, footpath or verge might be greater than what standard Pedestrian Fencing can accomodate.

In these situations we will;

  • Survey the site and take surveying levels.
  • We use that information to then draw all the fencing components using our CAD software.
  • From that we develop 3D models which can give us the ability to ensure the fencing exactly matches the site.

Using this mixture of traditional surveying, the latest in 3D modelling using existing conditions and our in-house manufacturing facilities means that our Pedestrian Fencing can be made to exactly match the angles, slopes and shapes of a footpath, driveway or verge.


This is another one of the benefits of working with an Australian civil engineering company that controls all of the material sourcing, design and manufacturing in-house. We can manufacture fencing or other items to solve any problem or suit a particular site.

Curved Pedestrian Fencing with a gradient for a carpark

For this Pedestrian Fencing contract we had to design and manufacture a fencing run that was to be installed at a local car park. To complete this installation we had to design panels to suit the curved footpath plus the driveway that was on a gradient.


It means there is a single fencing run that protects pedestrians as they walk from the doorway or stairs all the way along the driveway as vehicles pass by. There are no gaps and there is a single ‘visual line’ of fencing that keeps the area looking tidy & uniform.

Curved Pedestrian Fencing for a driveway

In this example a new driveway was constructed which had a large fall once the construction work was completed to level the area of the new roadway. To keep motorists and pedestrians safe new fencing was installed to follow the line of the driveway. As you can see in the photos the fencing was custom made to follow the curve and the contour of the road. 

Curved Pedestrian Fencing on a verge with a gradient

We can also design and manufacture Pedestrian Fencing to be installed on road verges that are curved. We are often asked to complete this type of installation at roundabout intersections or adjacent to turning lanes.


In the example above the verges were curved but also on a gradient sloping away from the intersection. Our team was able to custom design safety fencing runs to suit each corner perfectly.

Curved Pedestrian Fencing for crossings or medians

The ability to match the Pedestrian Fencing we manufacture in our factory in NSW exactly to the existing conditions of your site makes it easier to complete your project. There is no need to consider excavating the site – we simply adapt our design to suit the location which can save time, money and resources.


It means we can adapt to all types of situations where you need to improve the management of people using footpaths, median strip crossings or other locations that have a mix of vehicles and people.

Custom made Pedestrian Fencing manufacturing

ENCAT regularly works with civil works contractors, local or state government departments to design, manufacture and install Pedestrian Fencing to suit unusual applications. We have been doing this since 1989

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Picture of John Ford
John Ford

Founder & Director of ENCAT Australia

You know, back in 1989, a new metal fabricator in NSW emerged – ENCAT. We craft a range of products that are focussed on safety. Specialising in Pedestrian Fencing, ENCAT ensures our roads aren’t just strips of tarmac, but lifelines where every step you take and every drive you make is cushioned with care. 

When you think roads, think safety. When you think safety, think ENCAT. Your life’s worth it.



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