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ENCAT: Pedestrian Fence with balustrade installed on a bridge

ENCAT Pedestrian Fence with Balustrade Installed on a Bridge in Blacktown with custom made posts supplied to civil works contractor
We manufactured pedestrian fencing with a balustrade & custom posts to suit the gradient required for installation on this road bridge in Blacktown

"It is really encouring to see town planners, councils and property developers keeping pedestrian and motorist safety top of mind for new property developments in Sydney"

"ENCAT's ability to custom made pedestrian fencing for gradients like this bridge combined with our balustrade manufacturing experience means we can deliver an overall solution to keep residents safe."

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ENCAT blade style balustrade installed on the concrete upstand of the Crudge Road Bridge in Blacktown to compliment the Pedestrian Fence

ENCAT helped Blacktown City Council complete the construction works on the bridge connecting Fairwater Boulevard to Crudge Road. The bridge sits over the storm water drainage culverts for Breakfast Creek and incorporates our pedestrian fencing, blade style balustrades and native vegetation planted on the banks to improve the natural habitat for fauna.

Offering both vehicle and pedestrian access, the new bridge gives Fairwater residents who live in the community’s north;

  • A faster connection to the local road network.


  • Provide a shorter access to Marayong Public School enabling children to walk or ride their bike to school.


  • Easier access to Marayong train station, crucial for office workers.


  • Faster access to the nearby playing fields.


  • Reason to begin discussions about commencing a bus service through Fairwater.


With a footpath on either side and the creek to consider, ENCAT was engaged to custom design and manufacture balustrading and Pedestrian Fencing to be installed on the verges and concrete upstand on the bridge. This would protect pedestrians while crossing the bridge from vehicles and the creek below.

After surveying the bridge & creating the design drawings in-house, we custom made each Pedestrian Fence post to suit the gradient of the bridge. This enabled production of a single fencing run that was perfectly contoured to the shape of the road. The only gaps were to accommodate the bridge expansion joints.

How was Pedestrian Fencing with a balustrade manufactured for this bridge?

As demonstrated in the photos the bridge spanned Breakfast Creek and required two types of balustrades; one is pedestrian fencing and the other is our blade style balustrade installed on the concrete upstand of the bridge.

ENCAT designed, manufactured and supplied galvanised and powder coated fence panels ready to be installed. This was done after surveying the bridge, then using our CAD/CAM design software to create the drawings required for our production team. Each post was then custom fabricated in our factory for each post to suit the curved gradient of the bridge. This in-house process means we can deliver a consistent uniform finish that installs perfectly on site.

How did Pedestrian Fencing help improve safety on this bridge?

The use of Pedestrian Fencing on this bridge could be installed along the full span because our panels had custom made posts to suit the curved gradient. The installation means there are no gaps or breaks in the fence run so anyone walking or using a bicycle is kept safe while they are on the bridge.

The pedestrian fence panels ran the full length of the bridge which will now become a major connection between the new residential area & local schools, transport and recreational areas. 

The installation provides high levels of safety not only in relation to vehicles but also the creek should storm water rise rapidly. The fencing will help restrict access to the creek from the footpath and roadway.

Pedestrian Fencing improves existing site safety

ENCAT can supply Pedestrian Fencing to local councils or civil works contractors. This could be a shopping centre area, residential development, new road or even a school. No matter the location our civil engineering team can design & manufacture fencing that is suitable.


Picture of John Ford
John Ford

Founder & Director of ENCAT Australia

You know, back in 1989, a new metal fabricator in NSW emerged – ENCAT. We craft a range of products that are focussed on safety. Specialising in Pedestrian Fencing, ENCAT ensures our roads aren’t just strips of tarmac, but lifelines where every step you take and every drive you make is cushioned with care. 

When you think roads, think safety. When you think safety, think ENCAT. Your life’s worth it.



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