Are all Pedestrian Fencing suppliers making the same products?

"I am amazed at the lack of diligence that some procurement staff, contractors or purchasing officers undertake when selecting a Pedestrian Fencing supplier "

"What might look like compliant fencing on the surface may actually not be. There is so much detail that goes into the construction of compliant fencing - from the mix of metals used to the quality of the welding. "

"Any shortcuts in these critical areas can lead to pedestrian fencing panels failing & creating metal projectiles that can harm pedestrians or motorists. No stakeholder should be taking this risk"

A detached piece of fencing nearly harms mother & child

A detached steel bar speared into the vehicle of the mother & child. They were extremely lucky not to be injured in this incident.

Skip to .47 seconds from the start of the video and you can see an example of their vehicle that was damaged from a piece of debris that broke off the pedestrian fencing installed at this location.

Non penetrating, defective welds, as seen in this video are evidence that the fencing was non-compliant.


Pedestrian fencing with high quality welding

ENCAT sample of compliant RMS Pedestrian Fencing panel that did not fail during an accident

In the photo above one of ENCAT’s pedestrian fencing panels was struck by a vehicle. It deformed correctly and the panel didn’t harm any pedestrians. The bars on the right hand side had to be cut by emergency vehicles on the scene of the accident.

This is an example of the quality of our RMS Pedestrian Fencing that we manufacture and supply in Australia. We make sure every small detail is looked at, including the quality of our welding to ensure our fencing panels deform as they are designed to.

Pedestrian fencing panels that have failed

An example of non compliant Pedestrian Fencing used in Australia that has broken

In the example above you can see the pedestrian fencing panel has failed when it was impacted with a vehicle. The bars have broken from the frame rather than deforming. This can be due to the incorrect materials or poor welding from the manufacturing process.

Pedestrian fencing posts that have failed

An example of non compliant Pedestrian Fencing post used in Australia with failed welding

Here is another example where the pedestrian fencing posts have failed, they have sheared off at the weld. It is another example where the pedestrian fencing manufacturer hasn’t welded the posts correctly with welds that were undersized and didn’t have the right penetration to bond the elements together correctly. 

High quality Pedestrian fencing that is RMS compliant

An example of a pedestrian fence panel deforming correctly after being hit by a vehicle

ENCAT was chosen as the pedestrian fencing supplier to install fencing panels for Wollongong University in NSW. In the example below, you can see how our panels have deformed correctly after a vehicle drove into them.

The welds did not fail and the panel frame and posts withstood the impact. This was only possible due to the high-quality construction and manufacturing processes that we use when we make any type of RMS Pedestrian Fence Panel like the popular Type 1 or Type 5 panels.

ENCAT Pedestrian Fencing that was installed in Wollongong that deformed correctly after an accident with a vehicle
Pedestrian fencing panel that was damaged on a median strip in Wollongong