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ENCAT Squire Bus Shelter

Australian made bus shelter Squire modular system with glass

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Modular outdoor bus shelter aluminium custom made in blue or black with pedestrian fencing manufactured by ENCAT in Australia 1

Australian supplier of outdoor bus shelters with a louvre design

ENCAT RMS specification compliant products for sale in Australia


ENCAT Australian made pedestrian fencing and civil products available direct from the factory


ENCAT Pedestrian fencing and civil products for sale


ENCAT Modular pedestrian fencing panels


ENCAT is an Australian manufacturer of aluminium bus shelters that are suitable for roadside use. Our aluminium bus shelter product is made in our factory located in Wollongong and has been designed to withstand Australia’s harsh outdoor conditions.

The bus shelter we manufacture and sell can reduce local maintenance requirements with its simple, but tough, design and construction. 

  • Modular design that can seat up to five people in a single unit or be built with multiple units for greater seating capacity where required.
  • Shelter from the rain, wind or sun for commuters.
  • Clear visibility to the side and rear to maximise security & help bus drivers see waiting passengers.
  • Can include an outdoor advertising panel if required.
  • Can be made in a variety of colours.
  • Specially designed roof shape to aid rainwater being dispersed quickly without needing extra guttering.

For architects, designers or civil contractors we can custom design our aluminium bus shelter to suit individual requirements and locations. We make a range of different bus or passenger shelters that are designed to accommodate multiple people to keep them dry and safe. 

We can help custom design a bus shelter to accomodate things like lighting, guttering, drainage, seating or advertising. As a local Australian manufacturer we can adapted our designs to meet any of your exact requirements.

As we well know, bus shelters play a crucial role in improving safety and making life easier for commuters in Australia. First and foremost, bus shelters provide protection from the elements, such as sun, rain, and wind. This can greatly improve the comfort and well-being of commuters waiting for their bus, especially during extreme weather conditions. Additionally, having a shelter can help prevent accidents and injuries caused by slip and falls on wet or slippery surfaces.

Bus shelters serve as a gathering place for commuters, providing a sense of community and social interaction. This can improve the overall experience of public transport, making it a more attractive option for commuters.

Installing bus shelters instead of just having a bus stop sign can improve road safety for pedestrians in several ways:

  1. Protection from weather: Bus shelters provide a covered area where pedestrians can wait for the bus, which can protect them from harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, or extreme heat. This can make waiting for the bus a more comfortable and safer experience.

  2. Increased visibility: Bus shelters can be brightly coloured and prominently located, making them easier to spot from a distance. This can help drivers see where the bus stop is and be more aware of pedestrians in the area.

  3. Reduced distraction: When pedestrians are waiting for a bus, they may be more likely to be distracted by their phones or other distractions. By providing a sheltered area with seating, pedestrians are more likely to stay in one place and be less distracted, reducing their risk of being involved in an accident.

  4. Improved lighting: Bus shelters often have lighting that can improve visibility at night and reduce the risk of accidents.

  5. Another important thing that bus shelters can deliver is the provision of information. Bus shelters often display information about the expected arrival of buses, as well as route and destination information. This helps commuters plan their trips more efficiently and reduces wait times.

We manufacture our units in Australia either as individual units or can supply volume requirements nationally. ENCAT is recognised by many councils & civil contractors as the leading Australian company that can design and manufacture bus shelters.

ENCAT has been supplying bus shelters to local councils for many years. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet Australian standards and safety requirements.

Compliant bus shelter products for sale in Australia

ENCAT is an Australian manufacturer of products used in public spaces or civil construction projects. Everything we produce is compliant with Australian laws and requirements.

  • 100% Australian Made.

  • Certified Welding to AS1554

  • Hot Dip Galvanising to AS1214

Product specifications

  • Material:  Where applicable we use locally sourced steel
  • Weight:   Depends on the specific application
  • Height:   Custom designed to suit your application

ENCAT has a range of bus shelter designs & can custom make units to suit specific applications or specifications

The Kingsford Glass Bus Shelter
Australian made bus shelter Squire modular system with glass
Sirius Single Bus Shelter
ENCAT Sirius Double Bus Shelter
Sirius Modular Bus Shelter
Sirius Slimline Single Bus Shelter
Sirius Slimline Double Bus Shelter

Additional information about ENCAT's Squire Bus Shelter

ENCAT is Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of products used for civil applications in public spaces. Since 1989 we have been designing and manufacturing products used by councils, national parks, schools, universities and other locations. While we specialise in pedestrian fencing we have the skills, tools and equipment to design products to solve many different civil engineering requirements or applications.

Our reputation is second to none with our products used in locations like Venice Beach in Los Angeles, The Blue Mountains in New South Wales and even local national parks like Minamurra Rainforest.

  • Custom design and engineering.

  • Local manufacturing and fabrication.

  • Experience working in difficult to access public spaces.

  • In-house expertise, tooling and equipment.
We can take on any type of civil construction design brief and our expert in-house team can design solutions for you. 
For an obligation free discussion, contact our team or send us a quote request

See some of the projects ENCAT has helped to complete in Australia

Picture of John Ford
John Ford

Founder & Director of ENCAT Australia

You know, back in 1989, a new metal fabricator in NSW emerged – ENCAT. We craft a range of products that are focussed on safety. Specialising in Pedestrian Fencing, ENCAT ensures our roads aren’t just strips of tarmac, but lifelines where every step you take and every drive you make is cushioned with care. 

When you think roads, think safety. When you think safety, think ENCAT. Your life’s worth it.