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ENCAT Modular boardwalk systems

ENCAT Modular boardwalk systems

Australian designed & manufacturer boardwalks and viewing platforms

ENCAT RMS specification compliant products for sale in Australia


ENCAT Australian made pedestrian fencing and civil products available direct from the factory


ENCAT Pedestrian fencing and civil products for sale


ENCAT Modular pedestrian fencing panels


World leading stainless steel construction
Suits any terrain - rock, forest, earth, sand, water
Little to no maintenance required
Modular, adjustable pieces 100% customisable
$200,000+ maintenance P.A
ENCAT Australia Boardwalk construction civil contractor for Minnamurra Rainforest National Park in NSW old timber boardwalk
$0 maintenance P.A
ENCAT Australia Boardwalk construction civil contractor for Minnamurra Rainforest National Park in NSW 59 1
  • Designed & manufactured in Australia.
  • Easy to assemble with modular pieces.
  • Fully engineered.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • 200+ years life span.
  • Adaptable to suit any topography.
  • Can be connected to seating or viewing platform areas.
  • Provides ground clearance for fauna, animals and watercourses.
  • Simple open design that reduces debris build-up.
  • Each module can be replaced in case of damage.

The modular stainless steel boardwalk system is a fully civil engineered solution offering design flexibility and reliability. Stainless steel components are engineering certified for trouble free installation, ensuring a long, durable and maintenance-free design life compared to timber or other material types.

ENCAT can provide Australian design and manufacturing of custom made boardwalk systems that can include viewing platforms and seating areas. They are the perfect solution for public spaces like national parks, conservation areas, clifftop walks, beaches or look outs.

We have made different types of boardwalks for Australian national parks, beaches, roads and other locations for local councils, civil contractors, builders and other third parties.

Our boardwalk system is designed to be modular so that it can be fitted to different types of terrain, hard to access locations and different widths or lengths. It means you can even extend the boardwalk at later stages which can help with budget management.

A cost-effective, modular walkway system suitable for recreational walkways, cycleways and foot bridges. It is ideal for all environments from rainforests, arid, alpine to sea salt coastal terrain, including deserts, riverbanks, wetlands, mangroves, beaches and caves. The ultimate in trouble free installation and life. The system is quick to install, fully adjustable and can be extended or relocated at any time.

Our boardwalk system can combine our manufacturing skills across multiple product types including; handrails, balustrades, seating, gates, RMS Pedestrian Fencing and signage.

  • Latest 3D modelling tools, designed in Australia
  • Manufactured locally to meet any specific requirement
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • We can manage logistics like air lifting items into position, delivery and construction or provide supply only.

By using a single contractor to design and manufacture a complete solution you can make sure that every element is designed in harmony to work well together.

It also means you get a consistent, high quality, production standard to ensure the finished boardwalk system lasts for many years. This saves on maintenance and replacement costs long term.

ENCAT has been supplying national parks, building contractors, councils, shopping centres and civil construction companies since 1989. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet Australian standards and safety requirements.

Boardwalk systems that reduce maintenance costs

ENCAT is an Australian manufacturer of civil use products, like boardwalks and viewing platforms that are used in public spaces. Our engineering design team has a laser like focus on creating solutions that are safe for the public, but also reduce or eliminate the need for maintenance costs.

We specifically chose stainless steel as the material to be used in our boardwalks because of the durable nature of this metal, knowing that construction could last for hundreds of years. Best of all, maintenance would simply be perhaps an annual clean.

Our modular design philosophy also makes it very simple to integrate with viewing platforms, lookouts, seating or other safety elements like stairs, balustrading, gates or even bollards.

Everything we produce is compliant with Australian laws and requirements.

  • Structural design actions AS1170
  • Steel structures Code AS4100
  • Bridge design AS5100
  • Walking Tracks Infrastructure design AS2156
  • Building Code of Australia
  • NPWS facilities manual 

Product specifications

  • Material:  Steel or wood depending on the application

  • Colour:    Varies depending on material chosen

  • Weight:   Varies based on size manufactured

  • Specifications:   Custom made to suit your requirements

Additional information about ENCAT's Modular boardwalk systems

ENCAT is Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of products used for civil applications in public spaces. Since 1989 we have been designing and manufacturing products used by councils, national parks, schools, universities and other locations. While we specialise in pedestrian fencing we have the skills, tools and equipment to design products to solve many different civil engineering requirements or applications.

Our reputation is second to none with our products used in locations like Venice Beach in Los Angeles, The Blue Mountains in New South Wales and even local national parks like Minamurra Rainforest.

  • Custom design and engineering.

  • Local manufacturing and fabrication.

  • Experience working in difficult to access public spaces.

  • In-house expertise, tooling and equipment.
We can take on any type of civil construction design brief and our expert in-house team can design solutions for you. 
For an obligation free discussion, contact our team or send us a quote request

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ENCAT Modular boardwalk systems
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Picture of John Ford
John Ford

Founder & Director of ENCAT Australia

You know, back in 1989, a new metal fabricator in NSW emerged – ENCAT. We craft a range of products that are focussed on safety. Specialising in Pedestrian Fencing, ENCAT ensures our roads aren’t just strips of tarmac, but lifelines where every step you take and every drive you make is cushioned with care. 

When you think roads, think safety. When you think safety, think ENCAT. Your life’s worth it.