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ENCAT Fasterail Border5 C5 Crowd Loading Balustrade

Border5 C5 Crowd Loading Balustrade made in Australia by ENCAT metal fabrication

Australian supplier of outdoor C5 crowd loading balustrades for sports grounds

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ENCAT is an Australian manufacturer of custom made C5 crowd loading balustrades. Depending on the building type and expected usage, it is a common requirement for balustrades to be designed to withstand extreme loads. Such loadings are sometimes referred to as crowd loading. 

We can custom design and manufacture a balustrade system in Australia to be installed in an arena, grand stand, oval or other location that requires control of large volumes of pedestrian traffic, spectators or visitors that can prevent them from falling.

ENCAT has been supplying crowd loading balustrade systems to councils, schools or building contractors for many years. To meet Australian standards either a C3 or C5 level of strength must be specified for the balustrade. For areas susceptible to over-crowding such as sporting stadiums, grandstands, bars or shopping malls, barrier systems must comply with minimum imposed actions for barriers as per Class C5 of the Australian Standard 1170.1-2002. We manufacture balustrade systems to those standards that can be used indoors or outdoors, including coastal areas where there are harsh weather conditions.

Any balustrade that is installed in a public venue must be able to withstand a particular load strength for its intended application. Depending on the use there will be a loading that is specified for that situation. The C5 crowd loading balustrade is the highest loading that is required when a balustrade is installed in a crowding loading environment.

A C5 crowd loading balustrade is a type of balustrade that is designed and tested to meet specific load requirements for crowds or people gathering in public spaces. In Australia, this type of balustrade is typically used in areas where large numbers of people are expected to gather such as;

  • Sports stadiums: Large sports stadiums that host events such as football, soccer, rugby, and cricket matches.

  • Concert halls: Large concert halls that host concerts and other musical performances.

  • Theatres: Large theatres that host plays, operas, and other theatrical productions.

  • Convention centres: Large convention centres that host conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions.

  • Arenas: Multi-purpose arenas that host a range of events, such as sporting events, concerts, and exhibitions.

  • Exhibition halls: Large halls that host exhibitions, trade shows, and other events.

  • Cinemas: Large cinemas that host movie screenings and other film-related events.

  • Shopping centres: Large shopping centres that host events, such as product launches and fashion shows.

  • Theme parks: Large theme parks that have attractions, rides, and other entertainment options.

  • Museums: Large museums that host exhibitions and other events.

The term “crowd loading” refers to the weight and pressure that is exerted on the balustrade when a large number of people are leaning against it or pushing on it. A C5 crowd loading balustrade is designed to withstand this pressure and maintain its structural integrity, ensuring the safety of those in the area.

Australian building codes and regulations require that certain public spaces have crowd loading balustrades installed to ensure the safety of the public. These regulations specify the load requirements that the balustrades must meet, and the C5 crowd loading balustrade is one type that meets these requirements.

We manufacture balustrades in our factory in NSW to meet AS1170.1 – Structural Design Actions, Part 1. This Standard is applicable for handrails in areas that are accessible to the general public. It classifies different parts of a building according to location and usage; and assigns a design load to that classification. For example, handrails in theatres & cinemas.

Our balustrade manufacturing factory can custom design a system to suit any new or existing conditions which includes;

  • Extra wide posts and base plates.
  • Hot dip galvanised parts to prevent deterioration.
  • All items made to Australian standards
  • Each piece can be painted or powder coated to suit the exterior design style of the space it is being installed into.

Compliant balustrade products for sale in Australia

ENCAT is an Australian manufacturer of balustrades used in public spaces or civil construction projects. Everything we produce is compliant with Australian laws and requirements.

  • 100% Australian Made.


  • Certified Welding to AS1554


  • Hot Dip Galvanising to AS1214

Product specifications

  • Material:  Where applicable we use locally sourced steel

  • Colour:    Powder coated in any colour required

  • Weight:   Depends on the specific application

  • Height:   Custom designed to suit your application

Baseplate or Inground balustrade design options

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Border5 C5 Crowd Loading Balustrade made in Australia by ENCAT metal fabrication
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Australian National Construction Code requirements for balustrading

ENCAT has always maintained a strict adherence to meeting or exceeding Australian Standards when we design, develop or manufacture our products. The National Construction Code (NCC) is a uniform set of technical provisions for the design, construction, performance of buildings, plumbing and drainage systems throughout Australia. It is published and maintained by the Australian Building Codes Board, on behalf of and in collaboration with the Australian Government and each State and Territory Government.

When installing commercial balustrades there are certain requirements that must be met to keep people safe in public areas. Below is an excerpt from National Construction Code (NCC) 2014 D2.16 Balustrades or other barriers

(a) A continuous balustrade or other barrier, except for a barrier provided to an openable window covered by D2.24, must be provided along the side of any roof to which public access is provided, any stairway or ramp, any floor, corridor, hallway, balcony, deck, veranda, mezzanine, access bridge or the like and along the side of any delineated path of access to a building, if—

ii it is not bounded by a wall; and

iii its level above the surface beneath, is more than 1 m.

(h) Openings in a balustrade or other barrier must be constructed in accordance with the following:

(ii) For a balustrade or other barrier other than those provided under (c)—

(A) any opening does not permit a 125 mm sphere to pass through it and for stairs, the opening is measured above the nosing line of the stair treads; and

(B) for floors more than 4 m above the surface beneath, any horizontal or near horizontal elements between 150 mm and 760 mm above the floor must not facilitate climbing


Barriers, including parapets, balustrades and railings, together with members and connections that provide structural support, shall be designed to sustain the imposed actions given in Table 3.3. The top edge or handrail shall also be designed for the case where a concentrated load of 0.6 kN, positioned for the worst effect, acts inward, outward or downward.

The uniformly distributed line load and the uniformly distributed and concentrated loads applicable to the infill are not additive. They shall be considered as three separate load cases.

Additional information about ENCAT's Australian modular balustrade manufacturing & supply capabilities

ENCAT is one of Australia’s largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of products used for civil applications and public space installations. Since 1989 we have been designing and manufacturing balustrade or handrail products for outdoor use for councils, national parks, schools, universities and other locations.  Our reputation is second to none with our products installed in locations like Venice Beach in Los Angeles, The Blue Mountains in New South Wales and even local national parks like Minamurra Rainforest.


  • Custom design and engineering consulting for each balustrade installation.


  • New South Wales manufacturing and fabrication with tight quality control.


  • Experience working with difficult to access or busy public spaces.


  • In-house expertise, design software, tooling and equipment.
We can be contracted for any type of balustrading design brief to create a solution to suit your existing site conditions. Be choosning ENCAY as your balustrade manufacturer you get to deal directly with the factory rather than indirectly through contractors or other 3rd parties. It means that every element is designed to meet all the required local government regulations and you can ensure tight control over production quality.
We offer a range of stainless or galvanised steel designs that can be supplied as modular pieces to minimise maintenance requirements. Our galvanised balustrade systems are perfectly suited to either industrial or commercial sites & can be powder coated if required to match the colouring of the surrounding infrastructure.
For an obligation free discussion, contact our team or send us a quote request
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When you think roads, think safety. When you think safety, think ENCAT. Your life’s worth it.