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Scooter Rack

Scooter Park Scooter Rack

       Safe - Secure - Lockable - Tidy

            "Scooter won't roll away"

Material: Steel Galvanised &                         Powdercoated Silver

Size: 93cm (36") Long x 40cm (16")High




School Principal - "the kids love it and use it everyday"

Librarian - "now we are not tripping over scooters in the entrance"

Shopping centre - "security is not chasing kids riding scooters anymore, the kids just lock them up outside now"

Worldwide registered design and trademark

Australian Sales                          Price: $319*                             Express Delivery Aust.Wide 1-4days    * ex gst & freight $44                    

USA SALES                                  Price: $399USD Including Free Airfreight delivery anywhere in the USA. 1-2weeks

We ship internationally                     

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