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Pedestrian Fence Type 1

RMS Pedestrian Fencing 

Type 1- Steel Pedestrian Fencing

Type 1 RMS pedestrian fence is manufactured by Encat to prevent pedestrians falling onto or crossing the road at a mid point.  

Pedestrian walking patterns change immediately after the installation of steel pedestrian fence.

  • Quality 100% Australian Made.
  • 100% Australian Steel.
  • Complies with Council & RMS standards.
  • Welded by Qualified welders.
  • Made in WOLLONGONG
  • Delivered AUSTRALIA WIDE
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Made to Australian standards
  • Modular panels are easily replaced if damaged - (2 metre sections)
  • Powder coated in any colour
  • In-ground or Base-plate mounting

"I have witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of pedestrian fencing; Encat supplied a section of RMS pedestrian fence in a busy commercial area; despite traffic lights, speed limits and policing, there was a constant stream of pedestrians crossing the road at a mid point.  After we installed the road fence all pedestrians crossed at the traffic lights, a win for motorists and pedestrian safety, lives saved.  I love being part of this great product" Encat CEO.

Encat supply all types of Pedestrian fence.  This includes Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5 and Type 6.  If you have any inquiries regarding our pedestrian road fence please
contact our office

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Additional information - This Type 1 pedestrian fence is designed and specified by the NSW RMS.  Prior to 2011 this fence was known as RTA pedestrian fence and Type1 pedestrian fence.

The names have recently been changed to include;

  • RMS type one pedestrian fencing
  • RTA type one pedestrian fencing
  • Pedestrian safety barrier type 1
  • RTA pedestrian fencing type 1
  • RMS pedestrian fencing type 1
  • RTA pedestrian fence type 1
  • RMS pedestrian fence type 1
  • Pedestrian fencing type 1
  • Pedestrian fence type 1
  • Road fencing type 1
  • Road fence type 1
  • RTA fencing
  • RMS fencing

All styles of Pedestrian Fencing are available (see Type 5)

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Resource: RTA / RMS website

If you would like a price for RMS type one pedestrian fencing please contact our office.

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