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Modular Bus Shelters

Modular Bus Shelters

A custom design: safe, secure and built to last!

Give your pedestrians a break from the weather, install an Encat bus stop shelter.

  • Sturdy "Colorbond" roof
  • Powder coated to the colour of your choice
  • Can include advertising panel
  • Built tall (2.6m) to deter climbing
  • Easy to maintain

Quotes from the public -

"I use these bus shelters almost every day..."

"These shelters have plenty of room..."

"I really like these bus shelters... They look great!"

Bus shelter / Pedestrian shelters are designed, manufactured and installed by Encat

Encat shelters are available Australia wide, contact us for a quote.

Product Location map - Google Maps

Built to suit your needs, please contact Encat to discuss your requirements