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Pipeline Pete

Pipeline Pete Beach Shower

Pipeline Pete is Encat's best selling stainless steel outdoor beach shower.  Easy to use and built to last!

  • Unique curved design
  • Marine grade stainless steel
  • Water saving timed flow button
  • Counter sunk mounting bolts to remove trip hazard
  • Encat's exclusive 'Euro Pol' polish can be applied to beach showers, providing a highly reflective finish and reducing the chance of tea stain
  • Supplied with foot-wash tap
  • Anti vandal shower rose
  • Long life - low maintenance design. 
  • Designed specifically to meet the rigors of council beach locations and pools.  

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Quotes from the public -

"I have been using these curved showers for years, I surf almost every day..."

"These outdoor beach showers are really great, they really suit the area..."

"The kids love them..."

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