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ENCAT Metal & Civil

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About Us

               At Encat - "Our values define who we are"

Listening, collaborating and creativity ensure we deliver great products.

Our story -

Since 1989 Encat has been designing and developing products for schools, shopping centres, universities, councils, government departments, residential properties and numerous other organisations.

We innovate today's technology to create elegant product solutions.

Synthesising the ideas of customers, end users, our staff, suppliers, professionals and statutory requirements. Creating a product that meets or exceeds the customers expectations of price, delivery time, quality, service life and certification.

Our products are always evolving. In form, design, manufacture and environment. 

An ENCAT product label represents "a team of passionate people delivering great results".

Encat's head office is located in Unanderra NSW, 5 minutes south of Wollongong.  However our products and services are available Australia wide. Look us up on Facebook or Twitter